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DFY SUITE 2.0 REVIEW – HQ Bonuses(Worth $3k) + Demo + Upsells Review

DFY SUITE 2.0 Review – Are you searching for more information about DFY SUITE 2.0 ? If so, Please go through my full DFY SUITE 2.0 Review before you decide to purchase it. I am going to analyse the goodness and badness of this product.

In this review, I’ll cover what it actually does, who is it for, how much it costs, Pros & Cons, what exclusive bonuses you’ll get and what are all the upsells or OTOs, so that you can have more clarity about DFY SUITE 2.0 and if it’s right for you or not.

DFY SUITE 2.0 Review – Overview

Product Name DFY SUITE 2.0
Product Creators Joshua Zamora
Launch Date & Time 2020-April-10, 11:00 AM EST
Price Range $33 to $67
Bonus Yes, HQ Bonuses
Refund  30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Official site Visit Here
Product Type Tool & Software
Training Yes, Detailed Training
Customer Support Effective Response
Skills All Levels
Recommended Highly Recommended!

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People still say, “Money is on the list” Sure, if you have a standard email list, I would accept.

Have you ever noticed how many more people you are sending promotional emails to than the ones who actually open them? Want to increase the market of your company and make big profits but don’t know how to do this?

Make no worries! We’ve got one answer for you.

DFY SUITE 2.0 is a great method for assembling your lists. No website, no opt-in, no false emails and infinite scaling, all bundled into one platform!

Traditional list building strategies have run dry and aren’t as successful as they once were in improving your company. Across the last few years:

  • Subscribers have become smart – because of the vast quantities of mail they get,
  • only a few actually get through each and every one of them,
  • people put fake emails that they rarely use, people usually don’t want to fill out forms,

So what is the solution?

Well, that why i got a really amazing software called “DFY SUITE 2.0 ”. Keep reading my full DFY SUITE 2.0 Review to understand it completely.

What Is DFY SUITE 2.0 ?

So, as you might have heard of this product before, the DFY Suite first series was first released last year. And this 2.0 version is the greatly improved platform that allows you to get high-quality content syndication for their videos or niche sites without having to do any of the work themselves.

With the 1st version of DFY Suite, it has been sold out more than 3,000 copies in total, let take a look:


DFY Suite 2.0 is packed with more powerful features that allow you to get free, targeted buyer-traffic in 48 hours or less by leveraging the power of a brand new, high-quality done-for-you, social-syndication system.


About The Creator Of DFY SUITE 2.0


Joshua Zamora is arguably a well-known vendor whose products are said to stand out of the crowd.  Looking at his sales record and I’m sure you will be amazed at how he achieved his resounding success. Some hot selling products are SociFeed, SociRobot, Big Content Search, Tube Sniper Pro, Seamless SEO, Sendiio, DFY Suite and so on.

Last year, after the launch of DFY Suite, his reputations are elevated thanks to compliment and applause from users worldwide. Never let us down for a moment, this guy now doubles his dedication to bring us the latest technology via DFY Suite 2.0.

If you are hunger for page 1 posts like other marketers, the next parts of my DFY Suite 2.0 review will show you how this system can solve your problems.

Let’s check his sale history to know how great his products were:


The next sectiоn оf this DFY Suite 2.0 Review will shоw yоu mоre abоut its features.

How Does DFY SUITE 2.0 Work?

DFY SUITE 2.0 is a simple to use software that works in few simple steps.

While we all know about the high quality features loaded in the first version through my review, we now can enjoy more features to make sure you keep updated with the new algorithm of search engines.


The great news is that they more than doubled the number of sites in their network that they’ll be using to syndicate your content on. But not just double the sites, they’ve also doubled the authority. They have spent countless hours sifting through the best of the best sites that have high domain and page authority to ensure that you’re getting quality syndication. This all pretty much means you now have double the ranking power in DFY Suite 2.0 with our expanded network!


Not only have they doubled our network, they’ve also doubled the type of platforms that they’ll be syndicating your content on. In 1.0 they started with social bookmarks and wiki sites, which are easily the most powerful type of syndication you can do to rank your content on page 1.

However, in 2.0 they wanted to step that up a notch! So in DFY Suite 2.0 they’ve added blogging and web 2.0 syndication into the network! Having a well-balanced syndication profile is extremely powerful for ranking your content and they are taking care of this for you to supercharge the speed in which your rankings get to page 1!


They all know that syndicating your videos is only PART of the battle, right? Ensuring that you can get QUALITY video embeds is the SECRET sauce that ALL the top video marketers deploy to REALLY get some FAST rankings. The MORE quality video embeds you can get, the better! However, embedding your videos across different sites can be a VERY time consuming process.

So why not just let us do THAT for you as well? Well, with DFY Suite 2.0, they’ll now do ALL of your video embeds for you as well! All you have to do is input your video URL and they take it from there!


“Are you actually doing quality syndication?” That is a big concern of many of their users. And it’s a valid one. Many people that do DFY syndication/backlinking are just building you crappy links. They wanted you to feel 100% confident in the service they are providing for you so they published a full breakdown of their entire network’s authority, so you always know the amount of firepower you have at your fingertips.

You’ll be able to see how much domain authority they have, how much page authority and exactly the TLD’s that they use in their system as well. Plus, this is always kept to date anytime they add new sites to their network.


When it comes to ranking your content on page 1, the two most important things that help you get there is quality syndication and quality content! And since they also handle the content that they use in your syndication, they wanted to ensure that they use the best quality content they can produce.

So they’ve spent a ton of time revamping their content generation system to ensure that you get the best content so that all your campaigns have maximum ranking power with every campaign you submit.


Plus a ton of other “behind-the-scenes” tweaks that they’ve made to their overall system to ensure that they have the best, the fastest and the most effective DONE-FOR-YOU syndication system on the planet.

These are the “little” improvements like upgrading their overall server for maximum speed of your submissions, improving their campaign processing system to ensure they complete your campaigns on time, a much improved campaign reporting and downloading system in case your providing reports to your clients, and much much more…

DFY SUITE 2.0 Review – The Amazing Features & Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at what you can benefit from DFY SUITE 2.0 :



When you log in successfully, you will see the main dashboard of DFY Suite 2.0 as below.


These are the two campaigns I created with this product and they are all placed on page 1. I will show you these great results in the next part. Now just make sure you know how easy it is to create dominate the ranking system with DFY Suite 2.0.


Once you get inside the members’ area, click to the Create Campaign button on the top right side of the Campaigns tab.


Write here you need to fill in the information with these following sections:

[+]    DETAILS

In this section, you need to give your campaign a name, then add your website’s URL.

After that, add the relevant keywords of your campaigns. You can enter multiple keywords and press Enter after each one.

(optional) In addition to the link, switch on the Embed Youtube Video in case you want to have a YT video embedded into the article (only available on some platforms).


If you switch on this button, you will be asked to copy and paste the video link to the box below. (access video link by the Share button on the video).


[+]    CONTENT

Enter the title of your website (it shouldn’t be too long or too short). – spinable.

Then, you need to add the description of your website (must be longer than 450 words – at least 3 sentences and do not include any links) – spinable.

Furthermore, you need to add the article which will be used for posts on certain platforms. – spinable. (do not include any direct links)


If you don’t want to bother with content, just use the Automatically Generate Content feature by switching it on.



Right you can just need to drag the button to the number of links you want. In the same way, you can choose the number of days you want the links to be drip fed.

Turn on the Index Links button if you want.


When you finish, click to Create button to start your campaign with all the settings above.


Your campaign will show up in the Campaigns list as below:



For each campaign, you can check out the estimated finish date on the campaign list and download the campaign report in TXT or CSV format.


Click to the Network Info, you keep updated with your campaign through the chart here.


Check out the instruction video here:

DFY SUITE 2.0 Software Demo

DFY SUITE 2.0 Review – Who Is It For?

DFY SUITE 2.0 would be a great tool, finding hot and fresh leads. It will work with whatever form of company you run. And I assume it’s a must-have software to:

[+] Product developers

[+] Affiliate marketers

[+] Ecom owners

[+] Email marketers

[+] Local businesses

[+] Amazon sellers

[+] Freelancers

[+] Online/offline marketers

I wish all of you to build quality backlinks.

DFY SUITE 2.0 Review – Pricing & Upsells


If you are interested in this product, there are two buying options: Lite & Agency, you can choose the one that suits your needs based on the screenshot below:


However, without a doubt, I would encourage you to choose the latter – DFY Suite 2.0 Agency. While only at $1 higher, the Agency version gives you the exclusive Agency Rights to use this for your clients’ projects and charge them whatever price you want. Also, the Lite version gives you 200 starting credits – hmmm, it’s a good number to go, but if you want to make money online seriously, you should choose the Agency version which gives you up to 1000 credits. The second option is obviously far more cost effective.

In the first 6-hour of the launch, you can enjoy the Early-Bird price of $33. In the next 30 hours after that, the price will be fast rising on dimesale kicks. Keep track of the table here for detailed price changes in the next days:

Date & Time Price Coupon
April 11th at midnight Go up by $10 dfy5off ($5 discount)
April 12th at midnight Go up by $10 dfy7off ($7 discount)
April 13th N/A N/A
After launch $67 N/A


Also, if you want to add more features to this plugin, you can consider buying these upsells once you check out:



    +    $1 Trial for 30 days then $47/m

Here you’ll have the ability to lock-in your discounted rate you just got and ensure you have credits every single month. If you wait till later, credits will be a LOT more expensive. You’ll also be getting a BONUS of 2,500 credits EACH month AND INCREASING the # of links you can send to each url from 100 up to 300!

Some key features:

  • 5,000 credits Every single month
  • 2,500 bonus credits every single month
  • Full access to their social syndication module
  • Full access to their Wiki syndication module
  • Full access to their scheduling system
  • Full access to their done-for-you content creator system
  • Full access to download your syndication reports


    +    $67 one-time payment.

Here you will be able to supercharge your campaigns by unlocking our DFY Indexer system so that your campaigns get put through our proprietary link indexer so that your syndication carries a MUCH stronger punch.

Every SEO marketer knows the power of getting links indexed. The more of your syndication that Google is able to be aware of, the stronger your campaigns will be.


    +    $42-$47/quarter

MyVideoSpy is their powerful platform that allows you to uncover untapped niches, analyze your competitors, accurately gauge how much traffic you can get from your target niches, and much much more!

It’s the PERFECT fit so you can complete the ENTIRE Page-1 traffic circle.

Some key features:

  • 200 keyword searches/month
  • Get up to 20 suggestions PER keyword
  • 50 videos tracked at a time
  • Track up to 5 keywords PER video
  • 50 View trackers at a time
  • Analyze 1000 videos per month
  • 250 live-event creations/month
  • Get YouTube AND Google rank trackings by location
  • Agency Rights


    +    $37 one-time.

Video Chief is their membership site of over 1200 done-for-you videos that you can use right away to start securing page 1 video rankings. They’ll be removing the need for you to create videos by doing it for you as well!

With this upsell, they cover ALL the bases! Syndication, niche research and video creation.


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


Get DFY Suite 2.0 today, you have chance to get all valuable bonuses below from Joshua Zamora:


DFY SUITE 2.0 Review – My Final Thoughts

As a previous user of the last version of DFY Suite, I had to admit this system delivered much greater results than what I expected. The system really amazed me by how effective it worked. Ever since I had this, I don’t have to spend much time worrying about the ranking but still enjoy great traffic to my websites.

Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • ♥ 100% Cloud Based. No software to install
  • ♥ Super easy to use and newbie-friendly

  • ♥ No previous SEO knowledge or experience required

  • ♥ No Social Account Creation Needed

  • ♥ No Content Needed Besides their URL

  • ♥ No Proxies or Captchas Needed

  • ♥ No monthly or hidden fees

  • ♥ Works on any niche. No limitations.

  • ♥ Agency Licenses included for your clients’ projects.

  • ♥ 30-day money back guarantee

  • Currently, there is nothing worth your concerns about this product.

The Conclusion

I hope you know getting on page 1 and free traffic is extremely important when you want to make money online. With all the information that I have mentioned above, you will understand this is surely a no-brainer deal, be aware of how DFY Suite 2.0 can solve your problems and free you from hard work.

If you still have doubts about its ability, you can grab one, try it out for 30 days by yourself and your low investment is still fully protected thanks to the 30 day money back guarantee. Finally, I would say thank you for spending time with my DFY Suite 2.0 review. Hopefully, with my honest thoughts about this, you can make the right decision and hit your business off the ground.

Important note: if you purchase through my affiliate link, my team will help you 24/7/365; please do not hesitate to contact me ANYTIME when you experience any issues in using or failing to contact the authors / supporters of the products. We’re going to help you out right AWAY!

DFY SUITE 2.0 Special Bonuses




BONUS #2 — (VALUE $197)

Inside TubeLoom you’ll discover…

  • The wide-open opportunity for YouTubers—even if you have no training, technical skills, no connections and little confidence in yourself…
  • Why learning the TubeLoom system for video dollars may be the most straightforward way to build a job-replacing income…
  • Why your voice is FAR LESS important than sounding sincere and believable.
  • Don’t worry I’ll show you how to master your delivery…
  • How and why you NEVER need to show yourself on camera…
  • The top websites to find the best-paying items to share PLUS:
  • Where to go to find hordes of other things to promote…
  • Why “selling” actually works against you. …and so much more.


BONUS #3 — (VALUE $397)

Enigma exploits a Loophole inside of the Facebook algorithm that can be used to generate a SURGE of FREE Traffic. Inside the members area we show you exactly what you need to do to get started using this loophole too… in step by step videos

We’ve also developed a software that makes Enigma an “All-In-One” system that focuses on 100% FREE Targeted Traffic.

You could buy the puzzle pieces separately, or you could get “Enigma,” and have everything all under one hood.

BONUS #4 — (VALUE $197)

The software connects directly to Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter & LinkedIn to retrieve your visitors’ details, and as soon as they click confirm, they will be automatically added to your email list, before they are forwarded to the content that they wanted to access.

This is the ONLY tool that you will ever need to collect real email addresses. Forget giving away lead generation offers and getting fake emails in return. Social Leads delivers REAL people and REAL emails.

Using Social Leads increased our optin rate by over 82% because everyone trusts Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube and Linkedin, so they don’t mind giving over their information.

  • This software has many features that you will have never seen in this type of app before.
    Connect any autoresponder and get the real email address of your prospect direct into your favourite autoresponder.
  • Set and forget and pick the most engaged leads up and deliver them direct to your favourite autoresponder.
  • Increase your conversions get more optins than you ever thought possible and increase your engagement and sales instantly.


BONUS #5 — (VALUE $397)

50+ “Done For You” Atomic Assets…
Forget about “creating assets” from scratch. Select from our large catalogue of assets in a wide range of niches.

1-Click Monetization…
Add monetization to your assets with a “single click.” Select either a focus on generating leads or commissions with our included landing pages.

20 “Done For You” Atomic Traffic Taps
Gather traffic easily with our push button interface. Select from our popular traffic options, and “blast away”

BONUS #6 — (VALUE $297)

In Short IViral X Is Our Bespoke Viral Traffic Generation Tool That We Have Personally Created To Drive Real Viral Visitors And Buyers To Any Website (Or Affiliate Link) Of Our Choice, Automatically, In Less Than 60 Seconds
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BONUS #7 — (VALUE $97)

3 VERY Simple Steps To Consistent Profits With TubeTraffic Machine

Select either the ‘YouTube’ or ‘BuzzFeed’ style theme for the software to create your VIRAL Money Site in seconds

Choose from MILLIONS of channels for the software to pull EXISTING content on to your sites … So you can legally profit from content made by OTHERS

Monetize your sites with ads and offers [we’ll show you how], then plugin the VIRAL traffic engine to send floods of buyers to your new money sites

BONUS #8 — (VALUE $197)

  • Drive Unlimited FREE Traffic To Any Website Or Offer In Less Than 60 Seconds, At The Touch Of A Button…
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  • Traffic Robot software drives unlimited free traffic to your website or offer in less than 60 seconds…
    Cloud based, use on any device, anywhere in the world , without installing anything…
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  • The fastest way to ‘scale up’ your online earnings , without any tiring and tedious work…
  • Video training showing you how to generate $125 paydays or more…
  • 100% newbie friendly . No prior experience required…

BONUS #9 — (VALUE $97)

Want to have your own mobile app and tap into iOS and Android traffic and sales, but without wasting money or time in the process?

Finally Cracked: New WP Software Allows You To Turn Your Site Into A Fully Fledged Mobile App With The Push Of A Button…

… All within 60 seconds AND you can customize everything if you want to!

BONUS #10 — (VALUE $97)

“Killer New WP Plugin Sky Rockets Local Business Rankings while Driving Tons of Buyer Leads in Just a Few Clicks …”
…and keeps clients paying you $1,000/mo and up for years to come!
Watch the Video Below to Learn More

BONUS #11 — (VALUE $97)

Wicked Emails reveals a controversial yet very powerful email marketing method you can start using immediately to re-engage with your readers and create a buying frenzy, with just a few simple emails.

With the power of this method, you’ll have your customers glued to their inbox, watching for your emails with credit card in hand, ready to buy your products.

Use this method carefully! Some may say it’s too powerful and can be dangerous when in the wrong hands. So make sure you only use this for good purposes.

BONUS #12 — (VALUE $97)

Here’s What I Uncovered….

Method 1.

A time-tested method for bringing in consistent income online (works DAILY). Around 1 hour of work can provide passive income for 3-4 days after. The best result I saw (not mine, sadly) was $38k off the back of it. This looks to arbitrage low competition and high returns off one of the worlds largest sites. (Hint: It’s Youtube, but not the way you think)

Method 2.

This method allowed me to make money time and time again, build my reputation and my asset base. If ever I needed some extra cash, I would do this one thing and be able to pay for it. Better yet, it is timeless and will remain true for many years to come. In fact, it’s origins lie in the times way before the internet, but this is completely new for 2020 and beyond!

Method 3.

This one is probably my favourite. I can either choose to do the very simple work myself, or completely outsource it very easily. This makes me passive income monthly….In fact, I plan on doubling down on my efforts with this as I still believe it is untapped. Do this once and you may have PASSIVE INCOME from it for MONTHS and even YEARS later!

BONUS #13 — (VALUE $97)

I’ve tried every way there is to make money online. And I haven’t needed a job since 1996.

I’ve done info-product sales, affiliate marketing, amazon, ebay, you name it. These methods aren’t anything like that. They are the fast, easy and fun ways. Perfect for some spare-time cash.

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BONUS #14 — (VALUE $197)

7 Figure Online Marketer Reveals A Newbie-Friendly
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‘Quick Start’ Success Blueprint

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Step-By-Step Five Figure Freedom Video Training Course

To make it even easier to get results with this, we’ll show you EXACTLY how everything is done.

This video training is done in an “over the shoulder” format to make it easy to follow along and start making money fast. This is the next best thing to having us sit down next to you and help you personally build a five figure monthly online business

BONUS #15 — (VALUE $197)

Seriously – There’s Never Been an Easier Way to Generate On Demand Traffic, Leads & Sales for Pennies, Every Single Day!

  • Learn how to set up unlimited passive traffic machines that help you turn visitors and leads into SALES!
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BONUS #16 — (VALUE $197)

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Discover Inside…

  • How to decide which niche is for you… You’ll get my proven plan for finding hot niches that love buying printables, and some of them are so much fun… You’ll actually enjoy working!
  • The 7 types of Printables that sell the best and are super easy to create… even if you don’t have any design skills or experience… I’ll show you how to do EVERYTHING, including creating your Printables with FREE tools inside the course
  • A simple FREE traffic method that pretty much no one talks about that works like gangbusters for Printables to get you tons of traffic and make you tons of passive income
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  • 2 simple marketplaces to sell your printables to a massive audience without needing to setup a website or hosting
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BONUS #17 — (VALUE $147)

Generate Easy CPA Profits With This Epic Done For You, Advanced Training, And Case Studies Package!

This puts CPA Email Mastery on steroids and makes things as easy and fast as possible!

BONUS #18 — (VALUE $297)

Insta-Minator is the fastest & EASIEST way to turn
ANY hobby or interest into job-replacing cash in
just minutes per day.

This 100% UNIQUE solution combines what you
NEED – traffic and a way to connect with that traffic
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Turn ANY niche into game-changing profits.

From make-money-online to pet training, sports,
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Backed by PROOF from total beginners and a
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BONUS #19 — (VALUE $297)

Brand New Local Consultant Kit Gives You The Authority and Credibility To Land High-Paying Offline Clients For Your Local Consulting Business!
Small businesses in your area will happily pay you $1000s
after you use these premium quality resources!

BONUS #20 — (VALUE $197)

Where I’m going to give you not just one, but 5 brand new TRIED and TESTED money making websites. And you can easily start bringing in the cash with just a few simple ‘clicks’ of the mouse.

I call these my 5 quick money machines that suck in truckloads of cold hard cash whenever I turn them on. The best part is that you can set all 5 of them up in less than 11 minutes!

Let’s get right to the point…

With the VO Genesis program, you’re
going to be able to earn a good income using very little time.

Expect to earn an extra $500 a week with just
30 minutes of work or even up to
$9000 a month

with just 10 hours of work.



This powerful bonus opens up a WHOLE new world of possiblities & PROFIT for your business. You won’t only have a powerful system on your side to rank your OWN niche websites and/or videos, you will ALSO be able to confidently rank your customer’s sites and videos as well!

Imagine how much MORE confident you can be to COLLECT that monthly, recurring check from your customoers when you KNOW you have DFY Suite in your corner..


We all know that proper keyword research is the FOUNDATION of ANY successful search engine campaign. Get your keyword research wrong from the start & your campaign is DOOMED to fail from the very beginning.

There is NOTHING DFY Suite 2.0 can do for you if you get this step wrong. So they decided to include this training so you know EXACTLY how to pick the right keywords to get the BEST Results.


Since you are getting AGENCY rights, it is only natural that they put together a powerful training that reveals EXACTLY how to find customers that’re ready to pay you, right? This training will cover ALL of that!


Just like doing the right Keyword research is VITAL to your campaigns, making sure that your OPTIMIZATION is right is just as important!

So they decided to also put together a training on EXACTLY how to properly optimize your campaigns to make sure you get the BEST results with DFY Suite 2.0.


Not only are they going to put together a LIVE session showing you how to get customers to profit from with DFY Suite, they are also going to put together a second & COMPLETE, hands-on training on EXACTLY how to use DFY Suite 2.0 as well.

They already have full tutorial videos in the members area, but they know that their members also like to have that personal attention that you get from a LIVE session.


F.A.Q. About DFY SUITE 2.0

Will this work with any business?

A. Yes, if your business has customers you can profit from this system. It brings customers to your autoresponders directly and gives you the power to mail them.

Do I have to be technical to use this?

A. No, it’s made to be simple. You can just set it up once and then leave it to work on its own. They’ve got training for every step.

Will it be improved?

A. Yes, They always maintain and grow their software. You can look forward to increased functionality and support for more autoresponders and features as they go.

Will it work on my Mac?

A. Yes, this is a web based software and will work on PC and Mac and also your smartphone.